A Life that is Limitless

Have you ever thought of what limitless could mean in your life? Imagine doing anything, without anyone or any barriers stopping you.  Would it mean anything to you?

What does limitless mean to you?  Imagine you could actually do anything. Doing what you love without opinions of people stopping you. Not your friends, family or enemies’ opinions stopping you.  Do you believe, you can have a life without any limits?

As for me, I have realized what limitless meant from the lesson of the sky. In my teen years, my mother always told me to be limitless. She believed in the art of the sky. That amazing sky has no limits and no barriers. The sky is limitless. No one knows where it ends and it is free from anything. Whether, it rains or snows the sky is still limitless.

This lesson has really made me a better person as I have learnt to be limitless in my life. Offering love that is limitless to those I love.  Doing what I love without any barriers, obstacles or anything. Of course, life has its tough moments and hardships but it is limitless.

There were times, were I felt that, I was being stopped to go further in life because of the people around me negatively putting me down. It was really surprising that, the ones you call your friends could limit you from doing what you love. They had different perceptions of what I loved to do. All they perceived was the risks and the downfall of things instead of the bright positive future. This made me feel scared to go further in life to do what I loved as I was blinded to the limitless future.

Well, I remembered the art of the sky which mother had always told me about. This really helped to stand up for my limitless future. It gave me the courage and strength to let go of the negativity that was around me. To let go of fear and negative thoughts that had been planted in my mind. I realized that it was better of having a limitless life that enabled me to do what I loved.  Yes, a hardship, disappointments, frustrations occurs in life; it doesn’t stop anyone to have a limitless life. It made me stronger to keep on going for what I love.

I double dare you to let go of the past and have a limitless life. Get inspired by the sky that has no limits, no boundaries and no barriers. That amazing sky you see each day is limitless. Go ahead and do what you love as it will create a limitless life with limitless happiness.  Offer love that is limitless to those loved ones who are positive about you.

Take action today by noticing what was stopping you. Letting go of fear and negative thoughts that were planted in your mind will help you to be free like the sky.  Anything that was stopping you has to go and let you have your human spirit which is free.  You can create a life that is amazingly limitless.


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