Conversation with God

ME: Why am I here ? Who am l? You say I am not my body or mind or soul. So what am I ?

God: You are Me. Your purpose here is being me. You exist in your present form so that I may know myself through you, throughout all of life.

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Neale Donald Walsch



Where will I be ? What would  I have done without you, My God ?

My life has just been created by You. Who can be compared to you Lord ? The Heaven and The Earth was made you. We are made in your image. My life has never been the same ever since I accepted you as my God.

You are my Protector. Your love is like a shield . Im overfilled with your love, mercy and peace.

I just love you Jehovah. Thank you for the breath of life. I am nothing without you My Creator. My yesterday, my today and my future.

My future is in your hands. I will live to see your goodness.

I love you God.

By Kudzai Pasirayi

What Life Teaches Us

Live every moment of your life. Every day Life teaches us so much. We discover entities, formulae ideas and theories contributing to our kaizen.

Life is journey to learn, discover, rejoice. overcome and grow. I urge you accept what life teaches us. There is so much to discover and to learn. But, life is amazing

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Happy Easter Holiday

Kudzai Pasirayi