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We often hear about direction, focus, path. Finding our passion, living our ideal life. Lately, the buzz word has been “alignment.” But how do we get into alignment?

Through our values.

Thy Word is a Lamp-2

It is important to ask yourself, What values are important to me? What values define how I want to live my life? Which values speak to me, on the deepest of levels?

I do this each year during my annual ritual, but also if I have a major life change.

You might think that values are constant. That what is important and a driving force never changes. And maybe on some level this is true. But I believe that as we evolve, our values evolve. Major changes in our lifestyles also impact our values. For example, maybe a healthy lifestyle wasn’t important to you last year, but a recent health issue has brought it to the top of the list…

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What is Life ?


 What defines life?

Why are we all here?

Where are we all going?

 The hardest questions one has to answer. Some say life is like the moon. When it shines bright in the night, it signifies the happy moments. Nevertheless, the moon is in the darkness half of the time. Surely, this shows us that life is not all about happy moments.

Mediate on it

From the Book, What Life Teaches Us by Kudzai Pasirayi 

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Inspiring Women on Women Today

I was invited on the set with Women Today to talk about what I love doing. It was a lifetime opportunity that I am very grateful for.


But, what really got me was the idea of inspiring other women in the world whether young or old.  We all need people who encourages us at times or push us when we feel like giving up on ourselves.

My advice for you women out there to understand that

 You are a special creature who is valuable in so many ways. The Creator made you and deposited gifts inside you that no one else in the world can use in the same way and with the same quality you do. It’s important however, to feel good about who you are, not just about what you do. It is the first thing you need to understand to discover your purpose.

A purpose does not search for the person, in fact the person needs to search for the purpose inside him/her and take it out to show the world. I believe, you need to go the extra mile to discover what is inside of you. For those who always say they don’t have a purpose in life, they need to understand this. When you know what is inside you, you will be happy and aim to fulfill that purpose. “Spend your time trying to find who you truly are. Once you do that, spend the rest of your time showing the world who you are.”


A 20 year old can actually teach you something.

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