Values Assessment

mosaic starfish

We often hear about direction, focus, path. Finding our passion, living our ideal life. Lately, the buzz word has been “alignment.” But how do we get into alignment?

Through our values.

Thy Word is a Lamp-2

It is important to ask yourself, What values are important to me? What values define how I want to live my life? Which values speak to me, on the deepest of levels?

I do this each year during my annual ritual, but also if I have a major life change.

You might think that values are constant. That what is important and a driving force never changes. And maybe on some level this is true. But I believe that as we evolve, our values evolve. Major changes in our lifestyles also impact our values. For example, maybe a healthy lifestyle wasn’t important to you last year, but a recent health issue has brought it to the top of the list…

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