Her Light

A woman who walks with purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities.

Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.

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Walk Your Path


We all have our life’s path.

Each man to his own path

We are shaped by our paths

Each man uniquely crafted and endowed with virtues to walk his path.

We all live in perpetual preparation for what lies ahead- consciously or unconsciously.

You will experience some stop signs along the way

You will have to make a few detours.

You will have to stop many times to ask for directions.

Be kind to those you meet along the way

Give them the gift of your smile

You may never get another opportunity.

Every man has his own path.

Whatever it takes, find your path and walk in it.

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Your Dreams are Calling you – Answer that call –

nhlanhla nhlapo


If you leave that call from your dreans unanswered, they begin to haunt you like nightmares. Pushing you into an unwanted depression. So answer that call, don’t delay it any longer.

Instead of realizing their dreams, too many people never get started, too busy, instead listing all the reasons why they cannot achieve their dreams.

Things like:

I do not have enough money.
I’m not talented.
I do not have enough knowledge.
I do not have enough experience.
I have failed many times in the past.
I’m not lucky.
Who I am to dream of making such an impact.
…and so on.
They defeat themselves before they even get started!

This is not what you deserve.

So, here are 10 reasons why YOU CAN achieve your dreams:

1. You can because it’s feels great!

“To be able to get out of bed and do what you love for the rest…

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No Limits

I was born to be free

No limits intended
They said you can reach the greatest but the sky was my limit
I guess it was true
No one can see the beginning and end of the sky
Nothing can limit me
Made in the image of my Creator
Even death could not hold My Saviour
No limits all the way
I’m just free to live life
No bondages or obstacle can hinder me
Fearfully made and resemble A God
I am  limitless
Nothing can stop me
Is it sickness, lack or sadness ?
My troubles cant overwhelm me.
Listen, I am limitless
By Kudzai Pasirayi

I Can Wait 


I exist as I am, that is enough,

If no other in the world be aware I sit content,

And if each and all be aware I sit content, 

One world is aware by far the largest to me, and that is my self,

And whether I come to my own today or in ten thousand or ten million years,

I can cheerfully take it now, or with equal cheerfulness, I can wait 

WALT WHITMAN, Leaves of Grass 



David Harrison Levi Beverly Hills CA

Oftentimes weFriendship_Reuters_NEW are left alone with our thoughts, wondering who are real friends are and where they are when we needed them the most. The greatest tests are sometimes the simplist. There will be those in your life that will take that ride with you, but let the gas run out and see who helps you push. Friendship is give & take … Friendship is responsibility … Friendship is being there, without asking anything in return … Friendship is the strongest bond we can make with another human being … Friendship has no boundaries nor limitations, no regrets or failures. I love you ♡ David Harrison Levi Beverly Hills, CA

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