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Spirit OF Giving


Giving is a form of worship. You are a blessing to someone. Everyone has the ability to give not expecting expecting anything in return. This week remember to GIVE

Right In Front Of You


How many times have you just turned the whole world upside down looking for something that has been right in front of you?
We all have spent a long time looking for the things we wanted in life and we were so blind to see. You might have travelled around the world just to look for something. When you realise how it happens, you think to yourself how you might have wasted time, resources and energy looking for this particular thing.

My point is: what you are looking for is right in front of you. It could be anything.

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Photographer : Kudzai Pasirayi

Location : Albert Park, Middlesbrough, UK

August Release


You have the words to change a nation but you still bit your tongue. A creative person filled with talent of capable of singing a beautiful song. You are a driven creation who can own a firm. Your passion is like raging fire that can never be stopped but you still choose to hide it. Freedom is yours to fulfil your potential. What is stopping you?

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No Restriction Can Hinder You