Out of Control 

Why am I in this disarray state of life? Now, I am out of control. If only I could scream so loud, maybe you would flee away from me.
Once upon a time, I was happy and in charge of a pleasant life. Stability was my potion. Fit like a soldier, an army of my own. How I ruled the world with my strength.

Suddenly, you entered my blood stream. How you penetrated through my veins, I have no clue. Abruptly, you are causing confusion in my world. My body starts to shiver. My throat becomes sore that I can’t swallow. Everything becomes arduous to chew. I can barely hear the mill as it grinds the maize. Even the song of a bird, I can’t hear the music play in the morning. Eyes struggle to see clearly as they are too dim. My body is out of control as you take refuge. The arms that protected me are trembling; my legs start to grow weak. I have become so numb. Who have I become?

Follow the link to read more of my September Release to you. 

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