Hmm what is Serving God ?


Walking in the streets of Middlesbrough, listening to Micheal Jackson  and murmuring Wanna Be Starting Something. The liquid sun at its perfection shinning on my shades, I found myself in the presence of two ladies. I had been glazing at the beautiful grass near the new building The Curve at Teesside University. Loads of freshers standing outside the University were interacting with each other, some taking selfies and others just chit chatting. Here I am blasting my music to myself in my Beats by Dr Dre. It was surely a wonderful walk down home from the town centre of Boro.

As I was enjoying this moment, the two ladies from a distance appeared to be cheerfully eager to meet and evangelize to me. I guess I had no choice but to give them audience as they gave me welcoming smiles .”Hello, busy lady, I see you are enjoying your music,” one of the ladies said. As if people could actually notice how I was enjoying the music.

Then she said, “Well, are you a christian ?”. I agreed

Well, Do you go to church and what do you do in church? I told her my passion was the sunday school teaching.

Her Last Words to me were so intriguing that I found my self thinking back and forth what she had said.

Remember to serve God , well and fully. Don’t do it half half (African Accent)

Those words kept running back and forth in my head.

Here, I am sat on my bed and not bothered about the state of my room but at this moment in time I m just thinking what she meant….SAM_3020

My question to you all today is what can you define as serving God

How well can one serve God ?

Is going to church and performing duties or praying to God a way of serving God?

What is Serving God ?

If you are not serving God then what should you do ?


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