Tempest of Emotions 

At times I feel worn out by the hectic life. One minute you are running to catch the bus,  next, you are to complete an assignment 12 noon. The phone rings and rings but I refuse to answer it. “Kudzai, Kudzai , do that, do this. Can you work can you talk to this person”. Why does it feel like I am trying to chase the wind ? 

That is when He reminds me that there will be times when I will feel tossed around by the tempest of emotions. 

When this happens, I have to look for a sacred space within me. The Creator of my life gives me peace . His spirit resides in me. 

Last night, the Creator whispered in my ear. “Kudzai, Sharon take some time to rest in peace. After a while, when you are ready , come out to face the world again”. 

That surely made  me feel better today 


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