The Choice: Life or Death


As I start to advance in years, I am discovering what life is made up of. I have spent so many years intrigued by researching the purpose of life. My 1st book, What Life Teaches Us that I wrote in 2014 raises some questions about life.  But, I realised that life is a serie of decision making. Every  moment of our lives is affected by the decision we make. It’s upto you to decide if you want to wear a blue coat or a red one. The choice is yours.

Secondly, we gave been given a choice between life or death. Our Creator, Jehovah,  The Lord Almighty, made it pretty simple for us to choose. As I get closer to the word of God, I discovered this verse in Deuteronomy 30 vs 19

I am now giving you the choice between life and death, between good and evil and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.

When I read this verse, I was challenged and left with so many questions in my head. “So what is life ?” What is the difference between good and evil? Have I made the right choice between life and death?”

The questions kept rolling. But I decided to read more of the chapter 30. I discovered Moses was trying to explain to the Israelites what it meant to make this decision. He understood that Life is made up of decisions and choices. Life itself is given by God, he is the source of life. When you choose life, you are choosing Jesus because he came so that we might have life and experience it abundantly until it overflows. Choosing life means obeying and being faithful to Him who gives life, enjoying the good things that He gives and being in his protection.

Whereas if you choose death or evil, lets says curse, you are simply disobeying His commands and make devastating decisions that will ruin your life. You are not in a safe place if you choose evil ways.

All I can say is the choice is not too difficult or beyond your reach. It is up to you decide to live a life of good or evil decisions.

The choice is yours.

Inspired by The Word of God
Book – What Life Teaches Us by Kudzai Pasirayi on Amazon
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Your Shoes


It costs me a lot to admit that, can’t  you understand? If I wrap my arms around myself and hold  tight it keeps the pain in. Stops it spilling out and making a terrible mess. I’m  better off here, looking at the closed wardrobe door. Your shoes are standing outside it now, side by side. The right shoe on the right hand side and the left shoe on the left. In their proper place, no fuss like a husband and wife. I’d like you to get married one day. I’d like you to have a normal life, of course I would. I’ve  tied the shoe laces together so that they don’t get separated.

Prose by Michele Roberts
Your Shoes
English Literature Anthology

Photographer : Kudzai Pasirayi
Location: Nottingham

Rising Like A Skyscraper

Go on and try to bring me down
I will be rising
Like  an unstoppable force
With a heart of tiger
I am uncontrollable


I am strong you can’t break me
Yes, go on and try to bring me down
But, I will be rising from the ground
The One who is in me is greater
He is expressing power in me

I am rising like a skyscraper
There is no limitation
Too powerful
Too strong
You can’t stop me
I am closer to the clouds up here

I will be rising
Not afraid to be myself

Written by  Kudzai Pasirayi
Upcoming Book Glory
Demi Lovato -Skyscraper
Photo Credits- TMasandi

I Will do Greater Things


I woke up and found myself reading my bible. The book of John has really been interesting for me to read these  days. Last weekend, in Nottingham, I stumbled across John 14 which illustrated Jesus being the way, the truth and life. But, my attention was on a particular verse which states

Iam telling you the truth :those who believe in me will do what I do–yes,they will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father. WHAT EVER YOU ASK IN MY NAME , I WILL DO IT.

John 14 vs 10-14

The verse has been in my thoughts each day of this past week. I keep hearing from the  voice inside me ,  “You can do greater things”. But, I don’t know what greater things to do and how to do them.  It has gotten me to read more of that passage and try to understand. This is what I found out :

Before Jesus departed from his disciples or earth, He stated some powerful words. All the words he spoke were not from him but the Father. I found it rather interesting for the Son of God to say ” they will do even greater things”. The previous verse states that Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him who does his own work.  It feels like He passed on a greater power to us so that we will be able to do great. He knows that as long as we have belief of Him  in our hearts, we will be able to do anything.

But, my concern in the world today is do we all believe in His words to do greater things ?   I leave you to question yourself and belief in Jesus Christ.

You can do greater things that show the Father’s  glory through the Son of God.

Written by Kudzai  Pasirayi
Upcoming book Glory
Photo Credits TMasandi
Location Rosberry Topping,  UK

Only God can fill a blank 

 I took a walk down the lake district being intrigued by how I felt empty at times. There has been moments were everything just left me drained. People drain you, situations leave you feeling blank. I have tried to fill the emptiness in my life with material possessions. But, I still felt blank.

So I wonder what makes us fill the void in our lives?  Is it career success ?  excitment? relationships or mood-altering substances?  We might as well give up now as it wont work!

Then it reminds me of the Creator of heaven and earth. We all exist, live and move as we are grounded in Him. Only God fills my emptiness or state of blank. I have found that He offers his own peace, joy and a tranformed life.

As I look at the duck in the waters, Im reminded of Acts 17vs 24-28. “God made everything… He give life and breath to everything….. He satisfies every need…he does so that they find him .. God is not far from any one of us “.

I am humbled by that verse and it gives me peace.They say the heart is a God shaped blank, and only God can fill it. I shall be blank for Him to fill me. I put my assurance in the eternal life that He gives.

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi

Inspiration of Writing :The UCB Word of Today 6 october

Photographer : TMasandi

Location: Lake District  Coventry, UK


Changing of the days as a feeling of a new season comes this way,

Look to the mountains and see a coolness, shadows earlier in the day.

Rises does the sun, a chill in the morning, nature gets ready for the winter,

Leaves are falling all around, many colors are now resting upon the ground.

Chrysanthemums of beautiful color decorated, for just a short time are here,

Pumpkins are another visitor we see, they bring Fall alive throughout the country.

Turkey and pumpkin pie, earlier comes the nights, October brings a fright,

What Fall brings are colorful, beautiful things, some rain and sun, a fire with someone.

Keith Garrett