Only God can fill a blank 

 I took a walk down the lake district being intrigued by how I felt empty at times. There has been moments were everything just left me drained. People drain you, situations leave you feeling blank. I have tried to fill the emptiness in my life with material possessions. But, I still felt blank.

So I wonder what makes us fill the void in our lives?  Is it career success ?  excitment? relationships or mood-altering substances?  We might as well give up now as it wont work!

Then it reminds me of the Creator of heaven and earth. We all exist, live and move as we are grounded in Him. Only God fills my emptiness or state of blank. I have found that He offers his own peace, joy and a tranformed life.

As I look at the duck in the waters, Im reminded of Acts 17vs 24-28. “God made everything… He give life and breath to everything….. He satisfies every need…he does so that they find him .. God is not far from any one of us “.

I am humbled by that verse and it gives me peace.They say the heart is a God shaped blank, and only God can fill it. I shall be blank for Him to fill me. I put my assurance in the eternal life that He gives.

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi

Inspiration of Writing :The UCB Word of Today 6 october

Photographer : TMasandi

Location: Lake District  Coventry, UK


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