I Will do Greater Things


I woke up and found myself reading my bible. The book of John has really been interesting for me to read these  days. Last weekend, in Nottingham, I stumbled across John 14 which illustrated Jesus being the way, the truth and life. But, my attention was on a particular verse which states

Iam telling you the truth :those who believe in me will do what I do–yes,they will do even greater things, because I am going to the Father. WHAT EVER YOU ASK IN MY NAME , I WILL DO IT.

John 14 vs 10-14

The verse has been in my thoughts each day of this past week. I keep hearing from the  voice inside me ,  “You can do greater things”. But, I don’t know what greater things to do and how to do them.  It has gotten me to read more of that passage and try to understand. This is what I found out :

Before Jesus departed from his disciples or earth, He stated some powerful words. All the words he spoke were not from him but the Father. I found it rather interesting for the Son of God to say ” they will do even greater things”. The previous verse states that Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Him who does his own work.  It feels like He passed on a greater power to us so that we will be able to do great. He knows that as long as we have belief of Him  in our hearts, we will be able to do anything.

But, my concern in the world today is do we all believe in His words to do greater things ?   I leave you to question yourself and belief in Jesus Christ.

You can do greater things that show the Father’s  glory through the Son of God.

Written by Kudzai  Pasirayi
Upcoming book Glory
Photo Credits TMasandi
Location Rosberry Topping,  UK


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