The Choice: Life or Death


As I start to advance in years, I am discovering what life is made up of. I have spent so many years intrigued by researching the purpose of life. My 1st book, What Life Teaches Us that I wrote in 2014 raises some questions about life.  But, I realised that life is a serie of decision making. Every  moment of our lives is affected by the decision we make. It’s upto you to decide if you want to wear a blue coat or a red one. The choice is yours.

Secondly, we gave been given a choice between life or death. Our Creator, Jehovah,  The Lord Almighty, made it pretty simple for us to choose. As I get closer to the word of God, I discovered this verse in Deuteronomy 30 vs 19

I am now giving you the choice between life and death, between good and evil and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.

When I read this verse, I was challenged and left with so many questions in my head. “So what is life ?” What is the difference between good and evil? Have I made the right choice between life and death?”

The questions kept rolling. But I decided to read more of the chapter 30. I discovered Moses was trying to explain to the Israelites what it meant to make this decision. He understood that Life is made up of decisions and choices. Life itself is given by God, he is the source of life. When you choose life, you are choosing Jesus because he came so that we might have life and experience it abundantly until it overflows. Choosing life means obeying and being faithful to Him who gives life, enjoying the good things that He gives and being in his protection.

Whereas if you choose death or evil, lets says curse, you are simply disobeying His commands and make devastating decisions that will ruin your life. You are not in a safe place if you choose evil ways.

All I can say is the choice is not too difficult or beyond your reach. It is up to you decide to live a life of good or evil decisions.

The choice is yours.

Inspired by The Word of God
Book – What Life Teaches Us by Kudzai Pasirayi on Amazon
Photo Credits – TMasandi


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