A Splendid Night 

As the chilles of cold air penetrated through my body, I desired for a warm refuge. None other place could grant me my desire than my comfy bed as of the soft egyptian duvet. I retire the night with a splendid read of volume 2 of A great novelist whose marvellous work Frankstein has won the hearts of man. Surely, the season of winter leaves me in great agony of the miserable cold atmosphere but still manages to excite me as Christmas awaits me………



One day, an elderly lady at a nursing  home was sat just about to have her dinner. She was a cheerful lady. As the nurses passed her meal to her she remembered to say something. These were her words

I thank you, Lord, for two good teeth, one upper and that one lower. And I thank you that they meet!’.


Perhaps, a little remind to us all that gratitude comes with a host of benefits. It improves your heart rhythm, reduce stess. Just remember to say thank you to friends, family or even employees. Be big hearted and courteous as we are all God’s people.

Inspired by The Word UCB For Today

Golden Ball


You bring so much joy
Every morning
A golden ball of memories
I remember the years as kids
In my street, we danced
Our highlights polished to perfection
In your liquid sunshine.

But, when it’s all over
You  will bury me someday
Oh golden ball
Full of memories
You brought joy each day
When you weren’t there
Rain, Frost would torment me
How I love you

Always bringing sunshine
Sometimes a little too hot
You roasted my skin to perfection
Flawless perhaps,
Golden ball
You remind me
Life is precious
But too short
I gotta enjoy it
One day you bury me to the ground

I  will adore you forever
Golden Ball
Full of Memories.

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi
Photo Credits : KGenerationProductions
Location : Darlington