Once upon a time, there was a mermaid called Revi. She used to look up the sky watching the birds fly past and watch the boats sail across the sea front of Folkestone. Since then, Revi sat quietly and adored the beautiful shore.



Glorious Day 


A King

God in Flesh 

Among us 

Glory is shone through

A bright light star

Leading the shepherds

They saw a prince 

Saviour of human race 

Lord of Earth and Heavens 

Son of the Almighty God

What a glorious day

We celebrate your birth 

You are great 

Angels shout for joy 

Heavens sings praises 

Mary honoured to be

The God bearer

What a glorious day 

Christmas day 

We honour you Lord Jesus 

The Wonderful Counsellor 


Son of David 

Royal blood


What a glorious day 

Written Kudzai.P

In A Mask

With Fear and shame
I hide In a Mask
Sometimes with boldness
But the pain is unbearable
A coloured person
A barren woman
A man with no education
Infected one
Homeless man
Unmarried lady
Middle class worker
A rape victim
All kinds of names
Yet I still hide under the mask
Perhaps with boldness.

I carry myself
With dignity
Disclosing my identify
Hoping they will not reveal
My true status
Maybe if they know
What I am going through
They will mock
Discriminate me.

In a mask
I have found a comfort zone
But a battle keeps erupting
Between the  ears
As my true persona
Wants to be revealed
I can’t keep on hiding
Who I am
What I am going through
Why I am in this state
What I do.

How I wish
Could try understand
My pain
My fear
Okay maybe
I made a mistake
I deserve it.
But, what if
It was fate
Maybe forced on me
I had no choice.

In the Mask
I don’t live in peace
Just hear me out
Accept me
Flaws and all
I need your help.

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi
Upcoming Book
Location : Middlesbrough

Evil Befalls

In the biblical scriptures it is written


“We do not fight against flesh but with principalities of darkness, supreme high evil rulers and forces of the unseen world .” Ephesians 6vs 12

Evil befalls us as we live in the dark last days. We live in age of murders, shootings and much more evil. We wake up to someone being raped. Each hour filled wih so much horror. It is beyond flesh and blood.

What future do we hold ?

My question is

What must one do as evil befalls ?

One Every Second 

Every second,

One dies 

One is born 

One is laughing 

One is working 

One is cycling 

One is cooking


One is raped 

One is killed 

One is tortured

One is hurt

One is abused 

I wish 

One is smiling 

One is loved

One is welcomed 

One is equal. 

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi 

Photo Credits : K.Generation Productions 

Location :Darlington

Never Forsaken


I am old now,
I have lived a long time
But I have  never seen
The Lord forsake  the  righteous
Or their children begging for food.
At all times they give freely
And lend to others,
Their children are a blessing.

Psalms 37 vs 25 to 26
The word of God

Photographer: Kudzai Pasirayi
Location : Darlington