We all Try


We all try
To love
To accept each other
Yet hate creeps in our hearts
Where shallowness comes from
Making us behave with such animosity
We can’t comprehend.
Yet we all try
To keep a cheerful smile
But jealous penetrates through
Piercing the inner cores
Spreading like cancer of bones
I don’t believe we are born evil
Cycles of life
Toxic people poisoning
Our innocent souls
Cycle repeats itself
Each generation
Leaving us bruised in the inner cores
Seasons of life teaches us.
Nevertheless the Creator made as one image
But we treat another
With judgement
Over matters of the colour of skin
Status of one
And which gender one might be
Our efforts to love are inevitable
Perhaps we could all try harder
To perceive beyond issues
Depart away from our past
Leave scars of the heart to heal
Time to grow
Nothing lasts forever
Yes hate, oppression, anger
Feelings don’t last eternally
Love does
It is endless
We all should try
To offer the gift of love
I know we try
But we can try harder to love
Without pointing out
Blemishes of a pretty face
Or a cheerful smile.
We could all try,
Just for a day
To live and love.
Life is a beautiful journey
Time is golden
Nothing is guaranteed
But, make time worthwhile
Perhaps, we can try
To cherish

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi

All rights Reserved


Tenants of Life

We are tenants of something much greater than we could comprehend.

Like a tree in the forest, you grow bending and twisted by the seasons of life but still have dignity and beauty in your condition. Created to live a life of abundance that overflows with His love, you are blessed to be alive.

Photography Credits by  K.Generation Productions

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi

Location: Folkestone Beach KENT