Rape An Act Of Malevolence

A voluptuous lady,

An innocent teenager

A vulnerable old woman

A precious young toddler

Different eras

None  worthy

To be hurt

With an act of malevolence


She may appear

Vulnerable and Delicate

In your devilish eyes.

You have no right to hurt

A precious soul

Satisfying endless voracity

But you leave her

Filled with terror and anger.

You take away

Her Innocence

Her Pride as a Woman

Her Life.

She will live

With anger and hurt

Penetrating the inner cores of heart

With your behaviour of animosity

What do you gain?

Money or Fame


Perhaps, Nothing!

Just immoral superiority

Ready to destroy you.

Your devilish act will catch up with your soul

You, Monster

Death  be your potion.

Walking around

Pretending in the eyes of many

Rotten inside

Shadows of wickedness follow you around

A voice whisper in your ears insisting

To satisfy your malicious needs

To hurt:

Your sister

Your neighbour

Your niece

A stranger

You fill us with disgust.

A mere human being

Possessed with such a demon,

Manifesting into

Rape, An act of Malevolence

Written and recorded on Soundcloud by Kudzai Pasirayi


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