Where Do You Find Inspiration?

As we sat down in the car blasting some tunes on the way, the driver turned round to ask me a very important question which I had to really think about. He smiled and turned around whilst one hand was on the steering wheel. In my mind, I thought, is he crazy to not focus on the wheels as a trail of cars were behind us. Shouldn’t he be putting his eyes on the wheel to just get me home safely? But what he asked me got me thinking,

Where do you find inspiration to write?

Pause ………….

Am mm

Ahaaaa moment  the answer finally popped in my head

” Travelling to Places, Music, Calmness, Solidarity, Reading and the list goes on.”

It wasn’t just him who asked me such an important question. More people keep asking me hoping to find an answer that is just right in front of them.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just need to find it.  In rare places.

Find what inspires you

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi




I Stopped Making Excuses For People — Thought Catalog

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In the World of Rabbits

To my readers and followers

I have great news to tell you. My 1st children book titled Ralphie & The Lost Bottle of Milk which is based on children listening to their parents is live on Amazon. To make is child friendly, I created the  mischievous  rabbit character Ralphie and his friends as they take on adventures in the Village of Maddern.

The link for the latest release is below.

Click Here to Ralphie & The Lost Bottle of Milk

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As a writer I believe, encouraging a child to read, grants them access to an entirely new and different world where the possibilities are limitless.Be thrilled to be on the adventure of Ralphie and His friends in the upcoming series.