Wonderful Learning

It is how we understand and act on living life to the fullest despite the “waves” and “whips” of times. Empower yourself; do not be defeated, because at the end of your day, life will teach you a journey of wonderful learning.

 Location: Middlesbrough

Photo Credits: Kudzai Pasirayi

Sony Alpha DSLR A290

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Encouragement Through The Journey

Which of us, young or mature has not experienced life’s hardships, victories, joys and disappointments?


Life’s a journey which makes us experience things but proves to be the greatest teacher. As we channel through each day, a conscious decision in our minds has to be made on whether to focus on the positives or negatives. Each day brings forth victories and defeats. We need encouragement and uplifting messages to keep us going through the journey.

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Location Middlehaven

Sony Alpha DSLR A290


Your Dream into Ambition

Whether young or old, one of the most hardest thing is turning your dreams into reality. We all have bigger dreams that we wish we could go after and pursue. Imagine 10 years from now living in your dream house or having pursued what keeps you awake at late night now. Why don’t you turn your dream into an ambition?

“Ambition fuels your goals, ignites the fire of life that kindles behind your eyes. It makes smoke curl from your nostrils as the restless engine of your desire is stoked when you contemplate your ultimate success. It torques your actions into high gear, and impels those around you to act with vigor on your behalf.”

Bryan Heathman

Children Fishing


Photo Credits: Kudzai Pasirayi

Our Bridge Our Pride


Through the Grass

As I walk through the street, I capture the Transport Bridge , the pride of our town. On such a hot day like this, there is nothing more amazing than getting a camera out to capture the historical feature of our town in action. I was super luck to capture the bridge transporting cars and youngers who seems super excited.



I must say as a young 21 year old, I have watched such spectacular moment which reminds me when I was teenager, excited to be transported to the other side by our Bridge. What a remarkable memory brought back.

Our Bridge 

Location: Middlesbrough


In Awe

When I see others gain success, success that pushes their sense of potential, success that is a worthy achievement, I always find myself filled with a sense of awe, that I am able to witness and be part of such a beautiful moment. Happiness is not only something we experience, happiness is also watching others have their own moving moment of excitement in their personal universe.


Photo Credit:  Kudzai Pasirayi

Nikon Coolpix  L340