If You Have Time

“If you have time to chatter,
Read books.

If you have time to read,
Walk into mountain, desert and ocean.

If you have time to walk,
Sing songs and dance.

If you have time to dance,
Sit quietly, you happy, lucky one.”
Nanao Sakaki


A world without Imagination

empy bench.jpg

It seems like a world of empty benches. The only way is to imagine old men chatting together whilst enjoying the blazing sun. Perhaps a younger one being warned by his mama not to jump of the bench. Not to forget the young couple kissing passionately as the sun sets ready for the evening. Now imagine if you couldn’t have the ability to form mental images of things, people or places.How will life be is you were in a world without imagination?

So what is Imagination?

The ability to imagine things pervades our entire existence. It influences everything we do, think about and create. It leads to elaborate theories, dreams and inventions in any profession from the realms of academia to engineering and the arts. Ultimately, imagination influences everything we do regardless of our profession.

Imagination is the key to innovation.


Afraid to let go

Imagine a woman standing in the middle of a white room.  There is nothing around her; no furnishings or decor, no doors or windows.  Just a solitary woman standing in the middle of a completely empty white room.  In her hands, she is holding a ball made of beautiful and intricately designed stained glass.

This ball is her world and she has spent her entire existence protecting and caring for her most precious possession.  Something is wrong though.  For as long as she has cared for her beautiful stained glass ball, it has always been the same.  She knows every color, every etching and every design that has been woven into it.

Over time, the woman has aged, but the ball has never changed.  Now though, she sees minor blemishes forming on the surface.  She thinks ‘I’ve got to watch it more closely.  My little world is beginning to change and I must protect it at all costs.’

Handling the ball more carefully now, she begins to feel a slight tinge of panic.  Despite her best efforts, her little ball is beginning to show more and more signs of change.  For no discernible reason, no matter how carefully she handles it, pieces of glass begin to fall.

Growing frantic now, she begins to collect the fallen pieces of her ball and attempt to place them back into their original positions.  They no longer fit where they used to though, and she becomes more and more upset at her growing predicament.  ‘It doesn’t make sense,’ she frets, ‘they used to fit and now they don’t!  What’s different now, why are they changing?’

In her panic, she doesn’t see the beauty of what is taking place.  She is so focused on maintaining her little ball, just as it always was, that she doesn’t see that the reason these pieces of glass are falling off of the ball isn’t because they are changing; it’s because the ball is changing.  It’s getting smaller.  Her little world is shrinking.

More importantly, she is so focused on maintaining the ball that has been her entire existence for as long as she can remember, she doesn’t see what is happening on the floor around her.  Her glass pieces aren’t just falling off of the ball they used to be a part of, but trying to fall into place in a much larger mosaic covering the floor.

If you could observe the floor in detail, you would see that it’s a breathtaking picture comprised of countless shards of glass; but there are pieces missing.  These holes are the exact shape and size of the shards falling from the woman’s ball.  In her haste to maintain what she has always known and loved, she is preventing the glass shards she has protected for so long from falling into place in a new world that they were always intended to become a part of.

What’s more, she fails to realize that the ball is not her entire world.  She herself is a part of the picture on the floor and is, in fact, standing right at the center of it.  Until she can stop focusing on the object she has focused on for so long though and notice what is happening around her, she will not only continue to prevent her glass shards from becoming a part of what they were meant for, but she will be unable to enjoy the beauty of the world around her.

Imagine yourself  as her and realize it is time to let go.