Our True Heart Desires 

Will we choose other people’s opinions, preferences, and approval over our true heart’s desires and growth ? 

The answer to the question will dictate much about the emotional joy and satisfaction we sense in life.  

People won’t like our boldness. There will be sadness and resistance from some who see us moving forward without their permission, or without them… 

Motivation Manifesto 


Time Off 

In life, there comes a time where you need time off work, school, socia media and any busy schedule you have been running after. We tend to get wrapped the idea that life is about being busy working on this project or that. Ignoring the fact we need time off to rejuvanate.

You can all agree that each day is filled with hectic tasks that need to be completed leaving you exhausted as you fail to complete all of them. I mean waking up early, getting the kids ready for breakfast, giving a dog a bath, rushing to work just to be in time for that business meeting, it is exhausting. Also the expectations of families, lovers,friends and spouses leave you feeling drained and unable to meet them all. Imagine 365 days a year, each day is so hectic with its own things.

What will be the point of life, if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest as you are completely exhausted from daily agendas?

December is the last month of this hectic, stressful yet successful year for everyone. This is the time where you need to take time off to rejuvanate, to evaluate and rest. Just go out for a walk and smell the fresh roses. Do what I did, I went for a 45 mins walk to my old high school. I took my camera to capture and draw inspiration from. Once, I got my trenchcoat and wrapped myself warm I set off ready to reminisce my times in high school. It was amazing to revisit the footpaths I used to walk with my schoolmates after school. What was interesting to see washow things have changed in the neighbourhood where my school was. New houses have been built, ponds with beautiful ducks quacking endlessly have been added to the scene. It was spectular to see how things have changed over the years whilst I was super busy with hectic schedules running me mad at the end of the day.

You need time of whether its going for a walk or just hiking. Taking a child to the park just in environment that rejuvanates you. 2016 has been incredible just take time off to rest a bit and smell the fresh roses and grass.

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Photo Credits: KudzaiPasirayi

Location: HALL DRIVE


Scars and Flashbacks 

Flashbacks keep haunting me,making me remember the highs and lows. The days we shared are no longer memories but terrible flashbacks that keep haunting me. You left without warning, I can’t seem to find closure. Hurting the one who kept a sacred place for you in their heart. I thought you would be my joy but you have just turned into a nightmare which I wish I never woke up from. 

No one can erase you out of my mind. What a disease which I can’t seem to find a cure. Scars and marks you left on my everybeing,  which I have to look at reminding me of you. How can one erase such scars deeply engraved in them? 

The past is a reminder of  you. I have to acknowledge and let go of. But the flasbacks never stop coming back when we keep  having encounters. With every moment shared, it becomes impossible to ignore the damage done to a person. 

The heart doesn’t breakeven, leaving one alone  with no love to their name. Flashbacks and scars are the only reminders left when one leaves without warning. 

Written by S.K Booker 

Free Writing 


Have you ever been in a situation when you are so powerless?

Walking past the city,witnessing a elderly man crying and feeling powerless as the earthquake striked destroying his beautiful home which he had spent 5 years building for his sick wife in hospital. Words couldn’t explain how powerless he felt. All the effort and time he had given to this had just been of no use. No one could comprehend the pain in his heart as he so longed to surprise his dear wife who had been suffering tremendously, the incurable cancer. In a situation like that I wonder how powerless one might feel.

Imagine, your boss decides to just sack you from your job for unfair reasons. Imagine when your lover decides to just leave you without explanation and take their belonging. Imagine waking up in the middle of a hospital bed and wrapped up in tubes, unable to breathe on your own. Imagine when a mother rejects her own child and gives them up for adoption. The child tries to go back to be welcomed by their mother just to be rejected.

The feeling of being powerless in a situation is awful. When things take twisted turns leaving you feeling like you can’t control them. No matter, what you do, you end up having no strength to tackle or courage to live. When things happen to you, somehow when you try and words can’t seem to be enough.

What do you do in those times when you feel powerless?

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi 

Harsh Reality of Life

In a world of never ending expectations towards people, one might fail to comprehend the realities of life which befails upon. As a young child, you develop higher expectations of the future. In school, you expect nothing else except those higher grades to get in the best university. At home, you expect a perfect family, parents and living well. In relationships, you expect higher standards and longlasting love relationship with a superficial perfect lover. In all we think of tomorrow, we want and expect nothing but the best. 

So, I challenge you to answer me what happens when all those expectations aren’t met? When society fails but discriminate you based on gender, race and all? What will you do when those high expectations of a superficial lover arent met as the harsh reality strikes in your life ?

Harsh reality where unemployment rises, crippling the chances of new graduates getting a job they expectated after university. To a point where parents divorce leaving the hearts of children broken as the once so called mom and dad take separate ways. 

In situations like the above, you realise how the harsh realities which you are not pretty amused to analyse.  I believe in life we have to be awake and to see the real issues which affect every individual.  Life is a complex journey packed with beautiful, ugly, harsh realities. We are to awaken to them and live a life of truth. We can only change our situations when we have acknowledge reality of life. It helps us to bring up our children to the real things and not for them to strive for superficial expectations that will only lead to dispointments. 

This week just look at the expectations you set so high for yourself and life.  Remember; 

Blessed is he/she who never expect anything, for he/she shall not be disapointed. 


The feeling of losing something you treasure so much is painful.

Trees lose their beauty, a part of its soul through shedding its leaves. When the storms, raging winds come the tree has no power to stop the shedding, losing something that completes its beauty. It is a test of strength. 

Imagine that special person leaves, everything starts to fall apart. In those times, we all wonder how can we reunite with that person to pick up pieces and bring back the love. When we are now powerless like the tree fighting the winds, how can we regain what we lost? 

How can we take it back to love ? 

                  Writer: Kudzai Pasirayi 

                  Location: Albert Park