Harsh Reality of Life

In a world of never ending expectations towards people, one might fail to comprehend the realities of life which befails upon. As a young child, you develop higher expectations of the future. In school, you expect nothing else except those higher grades to get in the best university. At home, you expect a perfect family, parents and living well. In relationships, you expect higher standards and longlasting love relationship with a superficial perfect lover. In all we think of tomorrow, we want and expect nothing but the best. 

So, I challenge you to answer me what happens when all those expectations aren’t met? When society fails but discriminate you based on gender, race and all? What will you do when those high expectations of a superficial lover arent met as the harsh reality strikes in your life ?

Harsh reality where unemployment rises, crippling the chances of new graduates getting a job they expectated after university. To a point where parents divorce leaving the hearts of children broken as the once so called mom and dad take separate ways. 

In situations like the above, you realise how the harsh realities which you are not pretty amused to analyse.  I believe in life we have to be awake and to see the real issues which affect every individual.  Life is a complex journey packed with beautiful, ugly, harsh realities. We are to awaken to them and live a life of truth. We can only change our situations when we have acknowledge reality of life. It helps us to bring up our children to the real things and not for them to strive for superficial expectations that will only lead to dispointments. 

This week just look at the expectations you set so high for yourself and life.  Remember; 

Blessed is he/she who never expect anything, for he/she shall not be disapointed. 


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