Scars and Flashbacks 

Flashbacks keep haunting me,making me remember the highs and lows. The days we shared are no longer memories but terrible flashbacks that keep haunting me. You left without warning, I can’t seem to find closure. Hurting the one who kept a sacred place for you in their heart. I thought you would be my joy but you have just turned into a nightmare which I wish I never woke up from. 

No one can erase you out of my mind. What a disease which I can’t seem to find a cure. Scars and marks you left on my everybeing,  which I have to look at reminding me of you. How can one erase such scars deeply engraved in them? 

The past is a reminder of  you. I have to acknowledge and let go of. But the flasbacks never stop coming back when we keep  having encounters. With every moment shared, it becomes impossible to ignore the damage done to a person. 

The heart doesn’t breakeven, leaving one alone  with no love to their name. Flashbacks and scars are the only reminders left when one leaves without warning. 

Written by S.K Booker 

Free Writing 


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