Time Off 

In life, there comes a time where you need time off work, school, socia media and any busy schedule you have been running after. We tend to get wrapped the idea that life is about being busy working on this project or that. Ignoring the fact we need time off to rejuvanate.

You can all agree that each day is filled with hectic tasks that need to be completed leaving you exhausted as you fail to complete all of them. I mean waking up early, getting the kids ready for breakfast, giving a dog a bath, rushing to work just to be in time for that business meeting, it is exhausting. Also the expectations of families, lovers,friends and spouses leave you feeling drained and unable to meet them all. Imagine 365 days a year, each day is so hectic with its own things.

What will be the point of life, if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest as you are completely exhausted from daily agendas?

December is the last month of this hectic, stressful yet successful year for everyone. This is the time where you need to take time off to rejuvanate, to evaluate and rest. Just go out for a walk and smell the fresh roses. Do what I did, I went for a 45 mins walk to my old high school. I took my camera to capture and draw inspiration from. Once, I got my trenchcoat and wrapped myself warm I set off ready to reminisce my times in high school. It was amazing to revisit the footpaths I used to walk with my schoolmates after school. What was interesting to see washow things have changed in the neighbourhood where my school was. New houses have been built, ponds with beautiful ducks quacking endlessly have been added to the scene. It was spectular to see how things have changed over the years whilst I was super busy with hectic schedules running me mad at the end of the day.

You need time of whether its going for a walk or just hiking. Taking a child to the park just in environment that rejuvanates you. 2016 has been incredible just take time off to rest a bit and smell the fresh roses and grass.

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Photo Credits: KudzaiPasirayi

Location: HALL DRIVE



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