Time is Finite

Time is Finite 

We live our lives hoping to achieve much. At times we fail to recognise how time is limited. Though we have 24 hours a day, it seems like we only have few hours to do all things. The clock ticks and ticks rounding to the next hour, before you know it the sunsets for the night. Excuses after are made to work, talents and  friends, promises broken to children. We come up with so many reasons why we couldn’t make a phone call to a loved one. We make excuses to go after our dreams whilst we are still young. Failing to acknowledge how time is finite. 

When someone pass away, we all start reflecting on how life is really short. We think we have the whole life to go after our callings but we never think of  the length of life God has given us. What if He gave you 5 years to live or perhaps 2 hours from on to live? Will you be able to go and do all things you should have done when time was plenty ? 

Just like an icecream in a corn, that is how short life is. We can’t retrieve the delicious taste of the icecream once it has all melted on the floor. 

Do everything you have to do now because time is finite. Life is randomly and too soon, be taken away,perhaps brutishly or easily. 

Photo Credits: Kudzai Pasirayi

Location: Whitby 


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