Something Like Freedom

I woke up feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and in harmony. Whatever that tormented my mind lately couldn’t depress or worry me anymore.  The worries of what future left me as I accepted the present moment. Why be in a rush to have something that might cause your more pain ? Why not be calm about today and see things unfold? I feel so much at peace not just by saying it but feeling and acknowledging it in my heart. Something like freedom, my goodness I feel so good.  A natural feeling which points out valuable things that occur when you let go and settle for more.

You can agree that when you set yourself loose from whatever that been holding you, freedom becomes part of you. Freedom to be yourself again and think on your feet. Freedom brings joy, self expression, independence and creativity. Enjoy the present moments as they give you much freedom.

Photo Credits: Kudzai Pasirayi

 Location: Transfalgar Square, London


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