Polluter or Purifier  

There are two kinds of people in any organisation: Polluter and Purifiers.

Polluters are like smokestacks, belching out dirty smoke all the time. They hate clear skies, and no matter how good it gets they find ways to make it gloomy. When the people around them breathe toxins they feel sicker and sicker.

Purifiers, on the other hand, make everything around them better. It doesn’t matter what kind of polluters just like everyone else does, but they filter them before passing them on.

Ask your self today: when I spend time with people, do they walk away feeling polluted or purified ? 



What a windy funday it was in Scarborough. I must say the british weather is rather silly at times. After debating on whether to go, we finally bought our day tickets and we were off. Scarborough is situated in the North Yorkshire in the UK. It took us 1hr 50 mins just to get there from the town of Middlesbrough which is home for us. It was raining on our way there so you just imagine why we had been debating earlier on. We passed through town of Guisborough, Whitby and so on. It was a lovely bus ride. 

We eventuallly arrived and the rain had stopped slightly. The sun was showing little glimpse of sunshine which we were hoping for. It was lovely to see such light and quite a big city with a lot to do. There was the Rhonda museum, The Castle, seas front, chippy shops and so on. 

I couldn’t wait to get my self some fish n chips.  It’s tradition for me. Each time I go to a sea front location ice cream, fish and chops are on my to do list. After indulging myself in a scrumptious bubble gum ice cream twist, I was ready for a walk up the Castle.It was painful but who doesn’t want to get a aerial view of Scarborough?

We walked around for almost 2 hours at times ready to give up. In the end we saw so much that I want to go again when the weather is really promising. Probarly get me feet in those waters. It was beautiful. 

Sony Alpha Images 

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Love Thy Craft

Lately, I have been feeling rather excited about my passionate craft. Though I wish to spend more times on it, I still havs to work hard in other areas. Writing offers a priviledge power to express one’s self. Words have power to break or mend. As I have embarked on a journey of writing these past years, I discovered that you really have to love thy craft.

Photography has taught so much about capturing a hidden story in a moment. You are at loss for words as what you observe can be turned into a book. I love photography, it helps me to be open to travel, people, cuisine and so many things.

When you love a craft the impossible becomes posssible. You find a reason to wake up and do it without a nudge. Loving thy craft gives you a sense of fulfilment and positive energy to strive more. It takes away misery, boredom and loneliness. When you do what you passionately love, you inspire others around you. Maybe it is crotcheting or perhaps gardening, you are able to touch someone.

Always Remember to love thy craft. You are a master of your own craft. 

Life is About Risks

Today, I went to an Air Trail activity as a birthday surprise from a bestfriend. She previously told me that it was going to be a fun activity. Little did I know that it would be terrifying. As I got strapped and took the steps up the ladder I realised how I was not prepared for the scary adventure. We started to zipline and walk on ropes going to the top where you could see the whole Tees Bridge and beyond. I was scared to the point I was hugging tight to my strapped rope. I had to take leaps of faith and face my fear of heights. 

What I learned today was that in life you have to take risks.You will have to take take so you are moved out of your comfort zone so that you learn and discover more. You have to face your fears whether its fear of heights. Life is full of risk-taking. Sometimes you will not have experience, resources and all but still take them.Chances are you discover, learn, experience and grow after taking. Take more chances and risks in life. 

Location: Tees Bridge , Air Trail 

A traveller

“It is obvious that a man is himself a traveller; to have and hold,” 

But “to give time and to serve themselves away “. 

There can be no other meaning. 

It’s so easier to live only for yourself. But you can take another path – to be generous with your love and time. 

Give yourself away !
Quote by Sir Wilfred T. Grenfell