Life is About Risks

Today, I went to an Air Trail activity as a birthday surprise from a bestfriend. She previously told me that it was going to be a fun activity. Little did I know that it would be terrifying. As I got strapped and took the steps up the ladder I realised how I was not prepared for the scary adventure. We started to zipline and walk on ropes going to the top where you could see the whole Tees Bridge and beyond. I was scared to the point I was hugging tight to my strapped rope. I had to take leaps of faith and face my fear of heights. 

What I learned today was that in life you have to take risks.You will have to take take so you are moved out of your comfort zone so that you learn and discover more. You have to face your fears whether its fear of heights. Life is full of risk-taking. Sometimes you will not have experience, resources and all but still take them.Chances are you discover, learn, experience and grow after taking. Take more chances and risks in life. 

Location: Tees Bridge , Air Trail 


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