Love Thy Craft

Lately, I have been feeling rather excited about my passionate craft. Though I wish to spend more times on it, I still havs to work hard in other areas. Writing offers a priviledge power to express one’s self. Words have power to break or mend. As I have embarked on a journey of writing these past years, I discovered that you really have to love thy craft.

Photography has taught so much about capturing a hidden story in a moment. You are at loss for words as what you observe can be turned into a book. I love photography, it helps me to be open to travel, people, cuisine and so many things.

When you love a craft the impossible becomes posssible. You find a reason to wake up and do it without a nudge. Loving thy craft gives you a sense of fulfilment and positive energy to strive more. It takes away misery, boredom and loneliness. When you do what you passionately love, you inspire others around you. Maybe it is crotcheting or perhaps gardening, you are able to touch someone.

Always Remember to love thy craft. You are a master of your own craft. 


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