What a windy funday it was in Scarborough. I must say the british weather is rather silly at times. After debating on whether to go, we finally bought our day tickets and we were off. Scarborough is situated in the North Yorkshire in the UK. It took us 1hr 50 mins just to get there from the town of Middlesbrough which is home for us. It was raining on our way there so you just imagine why we had been debating earlier on. We passed through town of Guisborough, Whitby and so on. It was a lovely bus ride. 

We eventuallly arrived and the rain had stopped slightly. The sun was showing little glimpse of sunshine which we were hoping for. It was lovely to see such light and quite a big city with a lot to do. There was the Rhonda museum, The Castle, seas front, chippy shops and so on. 

I couldn’t wait to get my self some fish n chips.  It’s tradition for me. Each time I go to a sea front location ice cream, fish and chops are on my to do list. After indulging myself in a scrumptious bubble gum ice cream twist, I was ready for a walk up the Castle.It was painful but who doesn’t want to get a aerial view of Scarborough?

We walked around for almost 2 hours at times ready to give up. In the end we saw so much that I want to go again when the weather is really promising. Probarly get me feet in those waters. It was beautiful. 

Sony Alpha Images 

All rights reserved 


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