Maturity of the Body 

Why do we accept and cultivate the pathetic idea that only youth is good and beautiful, with the right to dare, to renew and to love? With the right to be, to have scope?

We fail to realise that living under the norms of others ruins our chances of allow ourselves to be naturally desirable and loving. Do you know that a mature or old body can be healthy and harmonious just as a young body can be diseased or misshapen? Comparing a mature or old body in the fullness of its freshness is childish and cruel.

Our current obsession even before money and social status, is with physical appearance. So living is not about making progress but about consuming and losing weight. We fail to accept that our bodies grow and change over the course of life. I remember years ago in my teenage years wearing a size 8. At that time, I felt so embarrassed to even share my shoes with anyone or tell friends about my shoe size. It depressed me. Over the years, I have dropped to a size 7 almost going to a size 6. Do you see that it is part of growing that in maturity the body should change and further transformations ensue. There is no way a body can remain the same once you are born into this life.

There comes a time where pace should be less agile, skin wrinkles and eyes shine less. By trying to be what one were 20 or 40 years ago, anyone with this kind of mentality will feel he /she no longer exists; will think that the person in the mirror is not a continuation of the previous person but a freak in nature.


Resisting A Rest 

Constant hurry is the mark of unprioritised- a sure sign that second  and third things have become first things. Many people including myself, never withdrew from the ratrace inorder to rest and relax. We are constantly in a hurry, living a life of microwave results. We have no leisure even to eat. All our lives we are coming and going, ploughing each seasons. Life feels like a rollercoaster. 
But, we are left feeling burned out instead of energised to face another day. How do we withdrew from the ratrace?

By permiting ourselves time to rest and relax. Slow down to breathe and experience the joy of waking up on a new day. One thing I have learned about permiting rest is that you gain the strength to do things as you would have rejuvanated. I learned that the jewish farmers let their fields rest every seventh year so they produce better harvest.It means they allow themselves and their fields to breathe.

When you permist rest, you will find that you gain maturity, wisdom and better results. Depth comes slowly so does wisdom. You can’t keep going fast.

Today allow yourself rest.

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What is Happiness for Me?

The moment to question oneself.
How does one become happier with self?

In the midst of never relaxing, never content and never accepting our selves we suffer. We live in a world of absurd models defining what happiness is for us. Looking slimmer or wearing a certain brand. Buying all fashionable items and the list goes on.

Happiness is when each person, each day, accepts what the market offers – makes his own decisions. One must learn to struggle against absurd models to discover who I am, what I like, how I like to be – how I can be happier. This is not in magazines, on television, in the comments of friends; it is the intimate, personal, and non-transferable. Each of us needs to understand and construct it.

Enjoy This Life


There is so much more to life than what you can imagine. From personal experience, I learned to change my mind-set of thinking that things will remain the same. I am letting of the past that hurt, the moments that no longer hold a place in my life.  There is so much to life than dwelling on people, places, memories which no longer serve you.  I want joy, happiness, peace, liberty, and so much more from this life. I can only get that if I let go of hurt, sadness, unforgiving heart, poverty. Those things no longer hold a place in my life.


We all should be determined to search, discover and be curious of what lies in life. It is a wonderful gift to live each day. We ought to enjoy this life by fulfilling our true life purpose, forgiving others and ourselves, discovering true happiness, hobbies and so on.


Choose to enjoy each day of life. Smile, laugh because today is a wonderful day. Each day we live we shall not ever get it back. There is so much more to life when we are open to it and willing to discover what life is all about. Travel and see the world. There is so much to learn from culture, people, history and so on. Take a hobby. Help others. There is so much more to life than being miserable. Be willing to open your heart.