Resisting A Rest 

Constant hurry is the mark of unprioritised- a sure sign that second  and third things have become first things. Many people including myself, never withdrew from the ratrace inorder to rest and relax. We are constantly in a hurry, living a life of microwave results. We have no leisure even to eat. All our lives we are coming and going, ploughing each seasons. Life feels like a rollercoaster. 
But, we are left feeling burned out instead of energised to face another day. How do we withdrew from the ratrace?

By permiting ourselves time to rest and relax. Slow down to breathe and experience the joy of waking up on a new day. One thing I have learned about permiting rest is that you gain the strength to do things as you would have rejuvanated. I learned that the jewish farmers let their fields rest every seventh year so they produce better harvest.It means they allow themselves and their fields to breathe.

When you permist rest, you will find that you gain maturity, wisdom and better results. Depth comes slowly so does wisdom. You can’t keep going fast.

Today allow yourself rest.

Location : Whitby 

All images reserved 


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