Turning Tables

I look at my life each day of this year, nothing’s still the same. The tables have turned. In my spirit,I am fulfilled after completing my artistic journey.l alone. Though I longed for art strongly, it led me more on a personal journey. I look around my surrondings and circumstances, I lost a sense of belonging. It is time. I am ready for a fresh start in a place of my own. A king got to own a kingdom. I am the king.

Unexpectedly, a lot of close people in my life felt the same. My friends are moving on to marriage, new career, graduating and so on. Even my own little sister is getting married. My predictions were right. I sensed it all along not knowing time would creep up. At this point in life, I can only say I am matured. Things are happening, life is changing every hour. My own personal journey requires independence, space, relocation, hardwork, ownership and courage.

I am trying to think in weeks, months and years to come ‘Where will I be?’ Now that it’s only me left not any friend or sister. What will I do?

I wonder what lies ahead of my journey but I declare success, favour and l confidence. Things are changing. Like I said the tables are turning.


Historical Journey

Forever curious of what lies on my next adventure. This past weekend, I found my self lost in the great City of Manchester after declaring a week before that I had travelled enough. No relaxion you could say but my soul is restless. Travelling make me high. I feed in the energy of the place, city be it. Forever amazed by the aroma of food, nationalities of all kinds, landmarks and history. I love observing through my Sony alpha lenses to get a sense of the city.

Ofcourse, I am mesmerised by buildings whether be castles, cathedrals, towers and so on. They are the treasures of time taking us on a historical journey.

Manchester was great ended up in the National Football a place of timeless history. A big fan of football myself, I must say I was impressed.

Statues of legends of our era, trophies and tragedy stored in the museum, you will be amazed. Though it had rained the whole day. I feel like I need to return to Manchester to see more and get a feel of it. Maybe next you in Manchester, take a walk down the National Football Museum and see the history.

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Two Teardrops

Two teardrops were floating down the river of life. One asked the other, ‘Who are you?’ The second replied, ‘I’m the teardrop from the girl who loved and lost him. ‘Who are you?’

The first replied, ‘I am the teardrop of the girl who got him.’

That’s the way life goes, isn’t it?

You seee in life, we don’t always know what is good and what wouldn’t be good except God the Almighty planner of our lives. We cry over what we don’t have, not realising we might have cried twice as hard if God had given it to us.