About Kudzai.P

Kudzai Pasirayi is an ingenious blogger penetrating age, race and religion through publishing posts, articles, books and spoken words on various platforms. Born in the City of Harare in Zimbabwe, Kudzai later migrated to the UK with her family and is currently residing in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England.

In recent years, Kudzai has focused on writing issues of self-improvement, spirituality, and self-help on many platforms such as Ezine Articles. From the age of 15, she started writing on blogs to enrich lives. Early 2015, Kudzai Pasirayi self published with K.GENERATION Productions for her 1st book title What Life Teaches Us available on Amazon which, illustrated an insight treasury of life lessons.  Kudzai is an active blogger also writing in small magazines and sites. She has earned a strong social media presence so she can reach to many lives and enrich them with her posts or monthly releases. Early 2016, Kudzai has released children books which are available on her Author Central Page below. Be on watch as the ingenious writer publishes up-coming books filled with lessons for children and adult interests.

Kudzai Pasirayi Author Central Page

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