About KUDZai

Kudzai is the author of the popular children book series “Mischievous Ralphie in Action” which is adventure packed with best-selling title “Ralphie & the Lost Bottle of Milk”. The works have led to award nomination ZIM Achievers Award Writer of The Year in 2016. Kudzai has also won Enterprise Award in 2015 in Teesside.  She truly lives a creative life filled with travels, writing, fashion, love for food and meeting new people. Her published works can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s and more. She has a strong online presence under the name “Kudzai Pasirayi” which she has tremendously worked hard for over the last 5 years. With a documentary titled “KUDZai- I Am Mastermind”, her work is expanding into various forms including entrepreneur club, magazine publication, blogging, photography, fashion and future work as a philanthropist. Kudzai lives up Northeast of England in the town of Middlesbrough.

Children’s Book Series Website: www.mischievousralphieinaction.co.uk

Fashion: www.simplystylishlymodesty.wordpress.com

Photography: www.authorkudzaipasirayi.wordpress.com

Instagram: @simplytsylishlymodesty @ingeniouswriterkudz @mischievousralphieinaction



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