Not being ashamed of being alone


Gosh, am I the only one who gets annoyed when asked why I am still single or its’ everyone else.

Well, I have chosen to be alone as I have made a choice to allow a time of loving other forms of love –In life there will always be a time of loving and we learn other forms of loving . They are not substituent to romantic love but they bring light: friends, family, and children, life and something new. I am at a point in my life were I have found something that I want to serve that is great than myself. I live my life to give back to younger children that I teach. I live for loving other forms of love – family, community and humanity. I have a bigger motive that goes beyond me. So no matter how broken I may have been or feel I have something to offer others. After I made this realization of giving back in other forms of love, my heart was set free and my life is improving because of another level of purpose and meaning in my life.

Perhaps you can too. Your life matter too- and if you align your self with the real truth that you are here to give not just get then the people around will feel then the  authenticity and they will open up to you. Focusing on other will motivate you to give back which reminds you what you are made up of . You will become more productive and find solutions to problems. You will find strength when you are exhausted. Then you will be able to let go of the painful past that holding you back and step forward into future in more loving compassionate way.

Well, it might not be easy as you will still have to be around people who in love. It hasn’t been easy for me, everyone around me is getting married, I mean everyone. Last two months, my little sister got married. Gosh I dread going to some up-coming weddings.  But, I have understood it’s not my time and also I have found other forms of loving. I am no longer ashamed I am single. I don’t need to explain or get embarrassed about being the only girl in my family who isn’t married or in love.


That’s it from me Ollie today.




I Am Light

I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light

I am not the color of my eyes
I am not the skin on the outside
I am not my age, I am not my race
My soul inside is all light
All light, all light yeah
All light



I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light yeah

I am divinity defined
I am the God on the inside
I am a star, a piece of it all
I am light

These words are powerful when ever I play the song “I Am Light by India Arie.”  My soul get rejuvenated just dwelling on these words. We are all light. The light that shines bright each day  for you. We are light.




Royal Liver Building



Port of Liverpool


It is a major city in Merseyside, England, famed for culture, football teams, The Beatles and buzzing nightlife. It lies within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire. Liverpool is a large, vibrant city with great cultural heritage


It has a centre of culture in the UK, Liverpool has a rich and varied dining scene. With a diverse and youthful population, you’ll find everything from classic British pubs to hipster bistros and fine dining experiences. City Centre houses many smaller districts that host a majority of the restaurants.



There is so much I could say about Liverpool but you will have to travel to see this place for yourself. I enjoy taking great images which will forever remind me of this city.


Turning Tables

I look at my life each day of this year, nothing’s still the same. The tables have turned. In my spirit,I am fulfilled after completing my artistic journey.l alone. Though I longed for art strongly, it led me more on a personal journey. I look around my surrondings and circumstances, I lost a sense of belonging. It is time. I am ready for a fresh start in a place of my own. A king got to own a kingdom. I am the king.

Unexpectedly, a lot of close people in my life felt the same. My friends are moving on to marriage, new career, graduating and so on. Even my own little sister is getting married. My predictions were right. I sensed it all along not knowing time would creep up. At this point in life, I can only say I am matured. Things are happening, life is changing every hour. My own personal journey requires independence, space, relocation, hardwork, ownership and courage.

I am trying to think in weeks, months and years to come ‘Where will I be?’ Now that it’s only me left not any friend or sister. What will I do?

I wonder what lies ahead of my journey but I declare success, favour and l confidence. Things are changing. Like I said the tables are turning.

Historical Journey

Forever curious of what lies on my next adventure. This past weekend, I found my self lost in the great City of Manchester after declaring a week before that I had travelled enough. No relaxion you could say but my soul is restless. Travelling make me high. I feed in the energy of the place, city be it. Forever amazed by the aroma of food, nationalities of all kinds, landmarks and history. I love observing through my Sony alpha lenses to get a sense of the city.

Ofcourse, I am mesmerised by buildings whether be castles, cathedrals, towers and so on. They are the treasures of time taking us on a historical journey.

Manchester was great ended up in the National Football a place of timeless history. A big fan of football myself, I must say I was impressed.

Statues of legends of our era, trophies and tragedy stored in the museum, you will be amazed. Though it had rained the whole day. I feel like I need to return to Manchester to see more and get a feel of it. Maybe next you in Manchester, take a walk down the National Football Museum and see the history.

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Two Teardrops

Two teardrops were floating down the river of life. One asked the other, ‘Who are you?’ The second replied, ‘I’m the teardrop from the girl who loved and lost him. ‘Who are you?’

The first replied, ‘I am the teardrop of the girl who got him.’

That’s the way life goes, isn’t it?

You seee in life, we don’t always know what is good and what wouldn’t be good except God the Almighty planner of our lives. We cry over what we don’t have, not realising we might have cried twice as hard if God had given it to us.


Reach Our Final Destination

When a plane sees that there is a storm or air- traffic congestion, it can adjust it approach to reach its intended target on time. If there’s major turbulence ahead and it needs to veer slightly off course, it knows what to do in order to correct that so it can make up for the time lost and to ultimately reach its destination.

I truly believe our goals are very much like an airplane’s journey. We’re trying to reach our final destination, and in order to do that, we need to be clear about what that destination is and when we’ll reach it. Then, all we need to do is plan, take action and to modify our approach along the way in order to get to where we’re going in the long term. Simple sounding, but clearly far harder to implement.

Bridges to Highway 

Don’t underestimate the importance of people in your life. People are the bridges on the highway to your destiny. Relationships are the currency of life; those who invest in them are richly rewarded. Treat every person like they are the missing piece to your life puzzle.

 At every turning point of your life, God has placed a person waiting to bless you with provisions, instructions, encouragement and direction for your next move. Therefore honor and value the people that God brings into your life no matter how insignificant they may appear. 

You cannot move from where you are to where God wants you to be without people. Nobody is too important to need people. Divine blessings, breakthroughs and solutions often come through the least expected people.

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