Reach Our Final Destination

When a plane sees that there is a storm or air- traffic congestion, it can adjust it approach to reach its intended target on time. If there’s major turbulence ahead and it needs to veer slightly off course, it knows what to do in order to correct that so it can make up for the time lost and to ultimately reach its destination.

I truly believe our goals are very much like an airplane’s journey. We’re trying to reach our final destination, and in order to do that, we need to be clear about what that destination is and when we’ll reach it. Then, all we need to do is plan, take action and to modify our approach along the way in order to get to where we’re going in the long term. Simple sounding, but clearly far harder to implement.


A day in the life of Kudzai

My day is never a dull one. 24 hours runs out like I only had 4 hours. Here is it starts. 

The minute I open my eyes or just see light penetrating through my curtains, it is time to rise up for a productive day ahead.  I try to say a prayer or just take 3 more mins sleeping. But most of the time, once I open my eyes I know its time to get up. So I go straight to my window open the curtains then peer through my lace curtains to see what’s going on. Normally on weekdays, the amazement of watching of young children running late for school or young teens rushing to get to their bus stops is never falling to grab my attention. I love observing mothers strolling their little ones to nursery or the people rushing late for work. I always amuzed. At times, I just want to get a rough idea of  the unreliable weather to know what’s best to wear. 

After opening windows to get natural light and fresh air, I either go a run or go straight for a shower. I try to get ready in half an hour but make up, music or distactions makes it impossible. Thirdly, I get ready to go get my breakfast and be out to go wherever I am off to on that day. Its usually the library. I spend about 5 to 6 hours working either on a book idea, blog ideas or just writing the next series or reading important stuff online. I am forever researching. 

At time I come home around 4  then prepare dinner, do dishes,  sort tomorrows stuff.  My days are always hectic.  There is never time for tv or just lazying around. My brain is always cooking something. Either plotting the next series of rabbits stealing syrup cotted carrots or planning my trip to York. After that I pick up my motivation manifesto or a novel I been in love with. Once I finish reading. I normally listen to music. But if my days has been hectic, like today went to do some office work, walked for 8.03 km then did a story telling session and came home, I would be so exhausted. The minute I sit on my bed that’s it I am gone. I say a prayer each night before I sleep even if I fall asleep half way. 

My life as a writer, blogger, entrepreneur is never easy but rather interesting. I believe time is money that’s why I never want to work for anyone. I like to make my own rules including my times. 
Life is never dull for me each day I woke up. Catch me on my travel, chill days 

To be continued…..

Powerful Faith

“I believe in my ability to learn and figure things out.With enough focus, time, effort and dedication, I believe I can learn what must be done and become who I must Become to achieve my dreams.” 

Just remember as you start December, powerful faith to learn and live will bring Doubt to lie sweating its deathbed. 

Photo credits : Kudzai Pasirayi 

Location: Mima Gallery, Middlesbrough 

Why are you fearful?

Why do we become so afraid at times? At times we wonder how did we get into this mess?

Remember Peter

But as long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus the waves couldn’t take him under.We must pay much  closer  attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it.

Do whatever it takes to keep your eyes on the Lord Jesus.

Be fearless

Written and inspired by Ucb Word for Today


Worn Heel 

I can’t tell you how many days I went to work feeling like a worn heel of an old shoe. I was less effective, tenser, unable to perform to full capacity. 

Can you relate ? 

We worry about things that don’t even matter. Getting wrapped around our heads  about what tomorrow holds. At times, we wrestled all night with issues that couldn’t be resolved until morning. 

Can all our worries add a single moment to your life? 

Just know life is too short to be spent worried about things beyond control. A verse of bible encourages  

Dont worry about anything;instead, Pray about everything~ phillipians4vs6 


Rising Like A Skyscraper

Go on and try to bring me down
I will be rising
Like  an unstoppable force
With a heart of tiger
I am uncontrollable


I am strong you can’t break me
Yes, go on and try to bring me down
But, I will be rising from the ground
The One who is in me is greater
He is expressing power in me

I am rising like a skyscraper
There is no limitation
Too powerful
Too strong
You can’t stop me
I am closer to the clouds up here

I will be rising
Not afraid to be myself

Written by  Kudzai Pasirayi
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Demi Lovato -Skyscraper
Photo Credits- TMasandi