Art is a support system for life

Life is not a support system for your work or art. It’s the other way round.

Stephen King


Love Thy Craft

Lately, I have been feeling rather excited about my passionate craft. Though I wish to spend more times on it, I still havs to work hard in other areas. Writing offers a priviledge power to express one’s self. Words have power to break or mend. As I have embarked on a journey of writing these past years, I discovered that you really have to love thy craft.

Photography has taught so much about capturing a hidden story in a moment. You are at loss for words as what you observe can be turned into a book. I love photography, it helps me to be open to travel, people, cuisine and so many things.

When you love a craft the impossible becomes posssible. You find a reason to wake up and do it without a nudge. Loving thy craft gives you a sense of fulfilment and positive energy to strive more. It takes away misery, boredom and loneliness. When you do what you passionately love, you inspire others around you. Maybe it is crotcheting or perhaps gardening, you are able to touch someone.

Always Remember to love thy craft. You are a master of your own craft. 

Life is About Risks

Today, I went to an Air Trail activity as a birthday surprise from a bestfriend. She previously told me that it was going to be a fun activity. Little did I know that it would be terrifying. As I got strapped and took the steps up the ladder I realised how I was not prepared for the scary adventure. We started to zipline and walk on ropes going to the top where you could see the whole Tees Bridge and beyond. I was scared to the point I was hugging tight to my strapped rope. I had to take leaps of faith and face my fear of heights. 

What I learned today was that in life you have to take risks.You will have to take take so you are moved out of your comfort zone so that you learn and discover more. You have to face your fears whether its fear of heights. Life is full of risk-taking. Sometimes you will not have experience, resources and all but still take them.Chances are you discover, learn, experience and grow after taking. Take more chances and risks in life. 

Location: Tees Bridge , Air Trail 

Harsh Reality of Life

In a world of never ending expectations towards people, one might fail to comprehend the realities of life which befails upon. As a young child, you develop higher expectations of the future. In school, you expect nothing else except those higher grades to get in the best university. At home, you expect a perfect family, parents and living well. In relationships, you expect higher standards and longlasting love relationship with a superficial perfect lover. In all we think of tomorrow, we want and expect nothing but the best. 

So, I challenge you to answer me what happens when all those expectations aren’t met? When society fails but discriminate you based on gender, race and all? What will you do when those high expectations of a superficial lover arent met as the harsh reality strikes in your life ?

Harsh reality where unemployment rises, crippling the chances of new graduates getting a job they expectated after university. To a point where parents divorce leaving the hearts of children broken as the once so called mom and dad take separate ways. 

In situations like the above, you realise how the harsh realities which you are not pretty amused to analyse.  I believe in life we have to be awake and to see the real issues which affect every individual.  Life is a complex journey packed with beautiful, ugly, harsh realities. We are to awaken to them and live a life of truth. We can only change our situations when we have acknowledge reality of life. It helps us to bring up our children to the real things and not for them to strive for superficial expectations that will only lead to dispointments. 

This week just look at the expectations you set so high for yourself and life.  Remember; 

Blessed is he/she who never expect anything, for he/she shall not be disapointed. 

Powerful Faith

“I believe in my ability to learn and figure things out.With enough focus, time, effort and dedication, I believe I can learn what must be done and become who I must Become to achieve my dreams.” 

Just remember as you start December, powerful faith to learn and live will bring Doubt to lie sweating its deathbed. 

Photo credits : Kudzai Pasirayi 

Location: Mima Gallery, Middlesbrough 

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

As we sat down in the car blasting some tunes on the way, the driver turned round to ask me a very important question which I had to really think about. He smiled and turned around whilst one hand was on the steering wheel. In my mind, I thought, is he crazy to not focus on the wheels as a trail of cars were behind us. Shouldn’t he be putting his eyes on the wheel to just get me home safely? But what he asked me got me thinking,

Where do you find inspiration to write?

Pause ………….

Am mm

Ahaaaa moment  the answer finally popped in my head

” Travelling to Places, Music, Calmness, Solidarity, Reading and the list goes on.”

It wasn’t just him who asked me such an important question. More people keep asking me hoping to find an answer that is just right in front of them.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just need to find it.  In rare places.

Find what inspires you

Written by Kudzai Pasirayi