Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become your character.

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.


Bridges to Highway 

Don’t underestimate the importance of people in your life. People are the bridges on the highway to your destiny. Relationships are the currency of life; those who invest in them are richly rewarded. Treat every person like they are the missing piece to your life puzzle.

 At every turning point of your life, God has placed a person waiting to bless you with provisions, instructions, encouragement and direction for your next move. Therefore honor and value the people that God brings into your life no matter how insignificant they may appear. 

You cannot move from where you are to where God wants you to be without people. Nobody is too important to need people. Divine blessings, breakthroughs and solutions often come through the least expected people.

All Images Reserved @KudzaiPasirayi 

Learn to Succeed

We worry we’re not capable, worthy or ready and we allow that worry to stop us.

Let’s not forget we didn’t always know how to ride a bike or use a computer or make love, but we figured it out. Even birds learned to fly and trust their wings. 

Humans did not know how to land on the moon but we decided it was a worthwhile endeavor, so we struggled for a decade to puzzle it out. We became capable of the impossible. 

Remember with enough time, effort and dedication we can learn most of what we need to succeed. 

Inspired by Motivation Manifesto 

Artists who create

We only have one life and the hours tick away every day. What do you want to use that time to create? What is the body of work that you want people to remember.

There are no rules. You can take ideas from all cultures, all civilisations. You will never be stuck for ideas if you mine the riches of what has gone before and then turn it into something new.

Artists who work on this scale have a workshop, assistants, other craftspeople who turn their ideas into reality. Does this make them any less of an artist?

I don’t think so. Because this scale of creative ambition is way beyond one person to create in a lifetime.
Do we ask architects to build their own structures? Or expect chefs to cook every dish?

Be a creator of timeless art. 

Life is About Risks

Today, I went to an Air Trail activity as a birthday surprise from a bestfriend. She previously told me that it was going to be a fun activity. Little did I know that it would be terrifying. As I got strapped and took the steps up the ladder I realised how I was not prepared for the scary adventure. We started to zipline and walk on ropes going to the top where you could see the whole Tees Bridge and beyond. I was scared to the point I was hugging tight to my strapped rope. I had to take leaps of faith and face my fear of heights. 

What I learned today was that in life you have to take risks.You will have to take take so you are moved out of your comfort zone so that you learn and discover more. You have to face your fears whether its fear of heights. Life is full of risk-taking. Sometimes you will not have experience, resources and all but still take them.Chances are you discover, learn, experience and grow after taking. Take more chances and risks in life. 

Location: Tees Bridge , Air Trail 

Time is Finite

Time is Finite 

We live our lives hoping to achieve much. At times we fail to recognise how time is limited. Though we have 24 hours a day, it seems like we only have few hours to do all things. The clock ticks and ticks rounding to the next hour, before you know it the sunsets for the night. Excuses after are made to work, talents and  friends, promises broken to children. We come up with so many reasons why we couldn’t make a phone call to a loved one. We make excuses to go after our dreams whilst we are still young. Failing to acknowledge how time is finite. 

When someone pass away, we all start reflecting on how life is really short. We think we have the whole life to go after our callings but we never think of  the length of life God has given us. What if He gave you 5 years to live or perhaps 2 hours from on to live? Will you be able to go and do all things you should have done when time was plenty ? 

Just like an icecream in a corn, that is how short life is. We can’t retrieve the delicious taste of the icecream once it has all melted on the floor. 

Do everything you have to do now because time is finite. Life is randomly and too soon, be taken away,perhaps brutishly or easily. 

Photo Credits: Kudzai Pasirayi

Location: Whitby 


The feeling of losing something you treasure so much is painful.

Trees lose their beauty, a part of its soul through shedding its leaves. When the storms, raging winds come the tree has no power to stop the shedding, losing something that completes its beauty. It is a test of strength. 

Imagine that special person leaves, everything starts to fall apart. In those times, we all wonder how can we reunite with that person to pick up pieces and bring back the love. When we are now powerless like the tree fighting the winds, how can we regain what we lost? 

How can we take it back to love ? 

                  Writer: Kudzai Pasirayi 

                  Location: Albert Park 

Our Bridge Our Pride


Through the Grass

As I walk through the street, I capture the Transport Bridge , the pride of our town. On such a hot day like this, there is nothing more amazing than getting a camera out to capture the historical feature of our town in action. I was super luck to capture the bridge transporting cars and youngers who seems super excited.



I must say as a young 21 year old, I have watched such spectacular moment which reminds me when I was teenager, excited to be transported to the other side by our Bridge. What a remarkable memory brought back.

Our Bridge 

Location: Middlesbrough