Pursue ~ Overtake~Recover all

No matter how bad your situation looks right now, don’t give up. Cry if you have to,then go and dry your tears and go out of God’s strength and take back what the enemy has stolen from you .

Remember when King David and his men returned home from battle, they discovered that the Amalekites had burned their homes to the ground and taken their families prisoner. They were devastated. They wept until they’d  no tears left. Then God  spoke to them and said,

Pursue…overtake…and recover all.

1 Samuel 30 vs 8


Rising Like A Skyscraper

Go on and try to bring me down
I will be rising
Like  an unstoppable force
With a heart of tiger
I am uncontrollable


I am strong you can’t break me
Yes, go on and try to bring me down
But, I will be rising from the ground
The One who is in me is greater
He is expressing power in me

I am rising like a skyscraper
There is no limitation
Too powerful
Too strong
You can’t stop me
I am closer to the clouds up here

I will be rising
Not afraid to be myself

Written by  Kudzai Pasirayi
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Demi Lovato -Skyscraper
Photo Credits- TMasandi