Royal Liver Building



Port of Liverpool


It is a major city in Merseyside, England, famed for culture, football teams, The Beatles and buzzing nightlife. It lies within the historic county boundaries of Lancashire. Liverpool is a large, vibrant city with great cultural heritage


It has a centre of culture in the UK, Liverpool has a rich and varied dining scene. With a diverse and youthful population, you’ll find everything from classic British pubs to hipster bistros and fine dining experiences. City Centre houses many smaller districts that host a majority of the restaurants.



There is so much I could say about Liverpool but you will have to travel to see this place for yourself. I enjoy taking great images which will forever remind me of this city.



Turning Tables

I look at my life each day of this year, nothing’s still the same. The tables have turned. In my spirit,I am fulfilled after completing my artistic journey.l alone. Though I longed for art strongly, it led me more on a personal journey. I look around my surrondings and circumstances, I lost a sense of belonging. It is time. I am ready for a fresh start in a place of my own. A king got to own a kingdom. I am the king.

Unexpectedly, a lot of close people in my life felt the same. My friends are moving on to marriage, new career, graduating and so on. Even my own little sister is getting married. My predictions were right. I sensed it all along not knowing time would creep up. At this point in life, I can only say I am matured. Things are happening, life is changing every hour. My own personal journey requires independence, space, relocation, hardwork, ownership and courage.

I am trying to think in weeks, months and years to come ‘Where will I be?’ Now that it’s only me left not any friend or sister. What will I do?

I wonder what lies ahead of my journey but I declare success, favour and l confidence. Things are changing. Like I said the tables are turning.


Makes Your Soul Sing

There are plenty of benefits to exploring – it opens your mind, broadens your horizon, and often introduces you to new people. 

I’m a natural lover of exploring , it’s just in my genes, and I explore in many ways – through learning, writing, experimenting – but, I have to admit that my main form of exploring is travel . I absolutely love to travel – to go to different places, to meet new people, to taste new foods. Traveling makes my soul sing . 

Why don’t you find out what makes your soul sing?


Maturity of the Body 

Why do we accept and cultivate the pathetic idea that only youth is good and beautiful, with the right to dare, to renew and to love? With the right to be, to have scope?

We fail to realise that living under the norms of others ruins our chances of allow ourselves to be naturally desirable and loving. Do you know that a mature or old body can be healthy and harmonious just as a young body can be diseased or misshapen? Comparing a mature or old body in the fullness of its freshness is childish and cruel.

Our current obsession even before money and social status, is with physical appearance. So living is not about making progress but about consuming and losing weight. We fail to accept that our bodies grow and change over the course of life. I remember years ago in my teenage years wearing a size 8. At that time, I felt so embarrassed to even share my shoes with anyone or tell friends about my shoe size. It depressed me. Over the years, I have dropped to a size 7 almost going to a size 6. Do you see that it is part of growing that in maturity the body should change and further transformations ensue. There is no way a body can remain the same once you are born into this life.

There comes a time where pace should be less agile, skin wrinkles and eyes shine less. By trying to be what one were 20 or 40 years ago, anyone with this kind of mentality will feel he /she no longer exists; will think that the person in the mirror is not a continuation of the previous person but a freak in nature.


Resisting A Rest 

Constant hurry is the mark of unprioritised- a sure sign that second  and third things have become first things. Many people including myself, never withdrew from the ratrace inorder to rest and relax. We are constantly in a hurry, living a life of microwave results. We have no leisure even to eat. All our lives we are coming and going, ploughing each seasons. Life feels like a rollercoaster. 
But, we are left feeling burned out instead of energised to face another day. How do we withdrew from the ratrace?

By permiting ourselves time to rest and relax. Slow down to breathe and experience the joy of waking up on a new day. One thing I have learned about permiting rest is that you gain the strength to do things as you would have rejuvanated. I learned that the jewish farmers let their fields rest every seventh year so they produce better harvest.It means they allow themselves and their fields to breathe.

When you permist rest, you will find that you gain maturity, wisdom and better results. Depth comes slowly so does wisdom. You can’t keep going fast.

Today allow yourself rest.

Location : Whitby 

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Enjoy This Life


There is so much more to life than what you can imagine. From personal experience, I learned to change my mind-set of thinking that things will remain the same. I am letting of the past that hurt, the moments that no longer hold a place in my life.  There is so much to life than dwelling on people, places, memories which no longer serve you.  I want joy, happiness, peace, liberty, and so much more from this life. I can only get that if I let go of hurt, sadness, unforgiving heart, poverty. Those things no longer hold a place in my life.


We all should be determined to search, discover and be curious of what lies in life. It is a wonderful gift to live each day. We ought to enjoy this life by fulfilling our true life purpose, forgiving others and ourselves, discovering true happiness, hobbies and so on.


Choose to enjoy each day of life. Smile, laugh because today is a wonderful day. Each day we live we shall not ever get it back. There is so much more to life when we are open to it and willing to discover what life is all about. Travel and see the world. There is so much to learn from culture, people, history and so on. Take a hobby. Help others. There is so much more to life than being miserable. Be willing to open your heart.


Polluter or Purifier  

There are two kinds of people in any organisation: Polluter and Purifiers.

Polluters are like smokestacks, belching out dirty smoke all the time. They hate clear skies, and no matter how good it gets they find ways to make it gloomy. When the people around them breathe toxins they feel sicker and sicker.

Purifiers, on the other hand, make everything around them better. It doesn’t matter what kind of polluters just like everyone else does, but they filter them before passing them on.

Ask your self today: when I spend time with people, do they walk away feeling polluted or purified ? 


What a windy funday it was in Scarborough. I must say the british weather is rather silly at times. After debating on whether to go, we finally bought our day tickets and we were off. Scarborough is situated in the North Yorkshire in the UK. It took us 1hr 50 mins just to get there from the town of Middlesbrough which is home for us. It was raining on our way there so you just imagine why we had been debating earlier on. We passed through town of Guisborough, Whitby and so on. It was a lovely bus ride. 

We eventuallly arrived and the rain had stopped slightly. The sun was showing little glimpse of sunshine which we were hoping for. It was lovely to see such light and quite a big city with a lot to do. There was the Rhonda museum, The Castle, seas front, chippy shops and so on. 

I couldn’t wait to get my self some fish n chips.  It’s tradition for me. Each time I go to a sea front location ice cream, fish and chops are on my to do list. After indulging myself in a scrumptious bubble gum ice cream twist, I was ready for a walk up the Castle.It was painful but who doesn’t want to get a aerial view of Scarborough?

We walked around for almost 2 hours at times ready to give up. In the end we saw so much that I want to go again when the weather is really promising. Probarly get me feet in those waters. It was beautiful. 

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